GoDiagram by Northwoods Software

Diagram Components for .NET WinForms

Now available: version 5.1 with Visual Studio 2012 and 2013Support

GoDiagram has been designed and implemented to take advantage of the many new features that Microsoft .NET provides. GoDiagram is implemented entirely in managed code. GoDiagram is just what you need to bring your application to life, quickly and easily.

Visual Studio .NET Integration Partner

Northwoods is a member of the Visual Studio Partner (VSP) Program. As a VSP member we work closely with Microsoft to ensure that our .NET products integrate seamlessly into Visual Studio.

Evaluation Kit

The evaluation kits include both the basic GoDiagram controls as well as the AutoLayout and Instruments options. User Guides and an API Reference Manual help file are included. Complete source code for the sample applications, in both C# and VB, accompany the sample applications themselves, and you can modify and rebuild them.

Features included

GoDiagram supports a full set of advanced feaures: graph layout, instruments, XML save/restore, export as SVG and PDF.

Source is available for purchase, contact us here

Using IBM ILOG Diagram for .NET or ILOG Gantt for .NET?

Since IBM is discontinuing the marketing and sales of ILOG Diagrammer and Gantt, you may be looking to migrate to another solution. We'd be glad to help you convert to GoDiagram.

Converting from Dundas Diagram or Corgent Diagram?

Download Aerobis Ltd.'s white paper describing their experience converting from Corgent Diagram (previously called Dundas Diagram) to GoDiagram.

Note that for Web Development, we encourage you to look at our newer products GoXam for Silverlight and GoJS for HTML5 Canvas. Our GoDiagram for WebForms is still available for existing customers.

visual studio magazineKen Cox has reviewed GoDiagram for Visual Studio Magazine. "The potential uses for GoDiagram's controls and classes are wide-ranging. These controls could have saved weeks of effort in developing a major call-center application I had a hand in a few years ago. [If] you write process development and industrial-control software, GoDiagram provides a terrific alternative to building all that functionality yourself."


"We found the GoDiagram tools to be extremely powerful and flexible, and intuitively easy to use. The amount of time and money saved over developing these features ourselves has been tremendous, allowing us to focus on other issues, and ultimately affecting our ability to get to market on time."

Joey Runyans
Senior Software Engineer
Aegis Technologies Group

"Our users are technically minded in their discipline but are not necessarily computer oriented. GoDiagram components have allowed us to develop a new graphical interface to our legacy production control system that makes our application very intuitive to use. Although the application is still under development it is our belief that GoDiagram's clean design and ease-of-use features will allow us to pass the pharmaceutical industry regulatory GAMP4 validation requirements with "flying colors"."

Grzegorz Piotrowski
Head of Production Systems
ICN Polfa