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JGo: GoDiagram for Java

JGo is a Java user interface component that make is easy to include interactive diagrams as part of your Java application or applet user interface.

JGo makes it easy to build custom interactive diagrams, network or workflow editors, connected graphs, scheduling or organizational charts, smart maps, flowcharts, and software design tools. It has built-in support for many shapes, text, images, containers, connectors, orthogonal links, arrowheads, scrolling, zooming, selection, drag-and-drop, resizing, in-place text editing, tooltips, layers, and multi-page printing. It is powerful and efficient, yet small and easy to learn and use.  It includes built-in support for clipboard operations, drag and drop, and Swing's Undo framework. Not only does JGo make it easy to build applications and applets with graphical editing capability, but it also makes it easy to to provide such functionality in thin-client Web applications using Java Server Pages (JSP). JGo was designed for the Java 2 platform and supports Swing/Swing and SWT/Eclipse.

JGo 5.4 is shipping

JGo 5.4 provides a new com.nwoods.jgo.web package (JGoWeb.jar) to better support thin-client web applications using JGo and Java Server Pages (JSP). Because JGoWeb runs on the server and generates standard HTML and JavaScript, no lenghty downloads are required and the generated pages can be viewed and interacted with on multiple different systems and client browsers. Details here

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With our free evaluation kit,  you will have an opportunity to evaluate:

  • Sample application source code
  • Build samples using the JGo.jar and JGoLayout.jar class libraries
  • Build your own evaluation programs
  • Complete documentation - the User Guide and API Reference Manual.

Why use JGo?

Use JGo when a graphical display of objects, showing their states and relationships, would allow your users to visualize and manipulate their business data in a more appealing and intuitive way than with lists and tables.

You can easily add data-aware JGo views to your existing applications without modifying your underlying designs.  The well-designed, flexible, and extensible Java2 based framework is based on many years experience with our other GoDiagram products.

JGo comes with full source code but no runtime fees. JGo will save you time and make you money by making your product better, faster.

JGo is written entirely in the Java™ language.

Licensing Terms

  • No Runtime Royalty
  • Complete Source
  • Support and Updates for 30 days, or 1 year with Subscription

Windows Forms Support
JGo Base
JGo Layout
JGo Instruments
JGo 30 days
JGo Subscription 1 year with updates
JGo Professional 30 days
JGo Professional Subscription 1 year with updates


"There are two main factors that led to my selection of JGo. The first is the ease-of-use and the second is documentation. The package is well designed, straightforward and easy to extend. I appreciate the solid thinking that went into the design. There were enough simple examples in the evaluation that I was able to put together a sample application in a very short time. I found the documentation to be thorough both in the user's guides and Javadoc comments."


"What I like the best is that the package is not overly complicated and it does what it says it will do."


"I continue to be very happy with your products (JGo and JGoLayout). I am also pleased with the level of support that I have received from your company. My questions were answered promptly and the answers made sense."

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