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Technical Support that Works

Northwoods takes technical support seriously and provides the best technical support in the industry. Technical support is provided by the same excellent team that develops the product. We do not outsource technical support nor do we delegate it to inexperienced engineers. Responses are typically received within a few hours.

Technical support is provided by subscription. Purchasing a subscription to entitles you to technical support for 1 year as well as access to any updates that are released during that time.


Technical support is provided during the free 30 day evaluation period. Feel free to use any of the options below.

Support options

  1. Support Forums: search for answer, and ask if you don't find what you want
  2. Request Form: send us a question
  3. Email: send email to this domain.
    • Use "GoJS" for GoJS support.
    • Use "GoXam" for Silverlight and WPF support.
    • Use "GoDiagram" for GoDiagram for .NET technical support
    • Use "JGo" For JGo technical support

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