Case Studies


About 2dSearch
"2dSearch is the product of an R&D program combining novel techniques from the fields of data visualization, artificial intelligence and natural language processing. We are proud to have been awarded multiple grants for research and development from Innovate UK. We work closely with the academic community, and have ongoing collaborations with Essex University, Glasgow University and City University, London.

2dSearch is a radical alternative to conventional 'advanced search'. Instead of entering Boolean strings into one-dimensional search boxes, queries are formulated by combining objects on a two-dimensional canvas. This eliminates syntax errors, makes the query semantics more transparent, and offers a more effective way to optimize, save and share solutions to complex search problems." - Tony Russell-Rose, founder of 2dSearch

2dSearch Diagramming Needs
According to Tony, their team knew they needed a replacement diagramming solution: "We had developed an original app based on JavaFX, i.e. a desktop, rich client. It required user permissions, user install, download, etc. It was all a bit of a faff." They tried "various other JavaScript libraries" and found GoJS to be the best fit after evaluating: "With some experimentation and support contact, we established it was suitable for our use case, and we started building our app on an evaluation basis. We currently use nested groups and thumbnail map. In the future, we might also investigate tree-views. GoJS helped alleviate several challenges, including automated layout when manipulating nested objects on a canvas, combined with a range of features, such as for context menus, multi-select, and framework for applying data changes."

Tony credited the support help and acceleration of development activity as the top reasons for selecting GoJS.

2dSearch Experience Using GoJS
Implementing GoJS went smoothly as well: "Support has been helpful and has made things more straightforward. Online examples and forum are useful." Now that they're up and running, GoJS helps the 2dSearch team by "providing a layer for dealing with layout matters, i.e. a separation of concerns. It also gives us confidence that many of the anticipated problems should already have been dealt with."

They are also able to save development time and streamline their processes. Tony reports that "GoJS has saved time and has enabled us to launch an MVP within the duration of our R&D grant. It also enables us to focus on UX issues rather than purely implementation issues." Overall, the 2dSearch team would recommend GoJS to another company for "broad functionality and ease of deployment."