Case Studies


About D3M
D3M is a web app created to help you and your team collaborate on network design projects from inception to deployment and post-sales. It was designed to improve your firm's professionalism, help you build a stronger brand and stand out from the competition; ultimately allowing you to land more contracts, make more money, and lower the cost of service and maintenance. It's easy to use and enables all of your team members to collaborate in real-time, no matter where they're located.

Finding a Solution in GoJS
As D3M allows users to create and collaborate on network design projects, the development team "needed diagrams that would allow us to draw network diagrams, create nodes to represent hardware on a network and link those nodes." Specifically, the end solution had to enable the diagramming and icon creation portion of their app.

Before making a purchasing decision, they evaluated GoJS alongside other software solutions. They found the evaluation process to be "very smooth", and enjoyed having full access to the product. As they worked with the evaluation version of GoJS, they found that "compared to the other products we tried, GoJS was much more capable, had much better documentation, and had a much more responsive team." Additionally, they experienced a smooth implementation process, "thanks to the support team at GoJS."

D3M's Experience with GoJS
The right software solution should save development time and improve efficiency, and for the D3M team, "GoJS eliminated the need for a huge amount of R&D that we would have needed to do to get a working diagram for our product."

Using GoJS has helped the D3M team streamline development for their app through both performance capabilities and support:
"In a technical aspect, GoJS has helped us due to the fact that its build around Nodes, Links, Groups, etc. is a perfect match for the type of systems we're trying to diagram. As for the support, it is always fast and helpful, and has helped us narrow down and fix bugs a couple times. They have also reached out and let us know when a GoJS bug we reported was fixed.

With every diagramming library we tried before coming across GoJS, it was clear that we were going to have to do a lot of work to get the functionality of the diagram where we wanted it. With GoJS, there are so many samples and extensions that, for most of the things we wanted to do, it was as simple as including an extension or calling the right API. We have likely saved 10-100 hours every month over the past four years we have been using GoJS."

When asked the biggest reason the D3M team would recommend GoJS to another, they reported "the responsive support team." D3M