Case Studies

About ideXlab
At ideXlab, we provide a meeting place for innovative companies and difficult-to-find expertise. We provide a unique solution to the problem that arises when even the largest companies cannot keep up with the pace of evolving technology in every domain. By pinpointing the most specialized experts around the world, we make the matchmaking process easier.

Our clients today include large companies such as Airbus, Sanofi, and Chanel, who value us for our unique capability to connect them with the select experts amongst more than 10 million in less than 24 hours. Experts in their respective field enjoy the application and commercialization opportunities that we provide.

ideXlab and GoJS
In their search for a JavaScript diagramming library, customization abilities and variety of features were top priority for ideXlab. The company's founder, Jean-Louis Lievin, says of GoJS, "We needed a rich library of interactive visualization tools for our service. We evaluated GoJS and found that we could utilize interesting diagrams that, after modification, would exactly meet our need. We selected GoJS for the diversity of its diagrams and the ease of customization to our requirements."

In their purchasing decision, engineers at ideXlab cited technical advantages of GoJS. "From a technical viewpoint, we liked its performance, interactivity, customizability, lightness, responsiveness, and the fact that it works seamlessly with web browsers. We also appreciated the very good documentation."

ideXlab relies on a search engine and solid workflow processes for their service, and Lievin said several features of GoJS are particularly useful in building their application: "interactivity (zoom in, zoom out, copy, cut, paste, collapse), alterability (by using JavaScript, it helped to integrate seamlessly into the ideXlab platform), and its compatibility with responsive web design." He also cited richer functionalities such as keyboard shortcuts to zoom and copy, as well as good documentation, as differentiating features of GoJS. IdeXlab was able to "save time and provide a better service to customers", and Northwoods is proud to have helped ideXlab achieve its goals.