Case Studies


About Split~Vision
Split~Vision is a consultancy and software development company that gives their customers the ability to register, manage, organize, and maintain all of their important information. Their product SinglePoint-for-All, based on Microsoft SharePoint, provides organizations with an information platform that supports case management, project management, gives a 360° customer overview, CRM, and more, all digitally available. All the information presented in the user platform is centrally managed with the other product Split~Vision provides: I-Controler.

Split~Vision's diagramming needs
Prior to finding GoJS, Split~Vision was using another software solution: "In older versions of our product, which was based on Silverlight, we were using Mindfusion library to model diagrams. To meet the new requirements of our web based product, we were looking for a library which provides all those functionalities. We evaluated GoJS samples and tried some before purchasing. While evaluating, we found that GoJS would be more appropriate based on its template-based nodes and binding features."
Split~Vision uses GoJS to power its product I-Controler: "With I-Controler, we register and maintain information about an organization, its processes, infrastructure, and more. This information is presented in different diagrams. For example, hierarchical views, BPMN views, architectural views, or combined views. The different types of diagrams we needed to develop were organizational charts, BPMN process modeling and simulation, ER diagrams, hyperbolic tree, infrastructural, building (outside and inside) 3D, and others."

Finding a solution in GoJS
Split~Vision selected GoJS for multiple reasons, the top ones being "binding features, templates, and one can customize the node as per his needs." GoJS has helped them overcome obstacles with modeling specific diagrams: "Showing milestones is the difficult part in modeling swim lane diagrams. With the help of the GoJS team, we were able to provide the functionality to model those diagrams to our customers." Their team has found that "GoJS is very rich with its technical features, and 99% of our queries raised on the forum are answered within a day's time and helped us resolve our issues."