Case Studies

Viridis Energy Solutions

About Viridis Energy Solutions
Viridis Energy Solutions is a company dedicated to creating energy & utilities management and control solutions for intensive consumers. Created as a spin-off of an international group focused on developing corporate IT solutions, Viridis brings together executives and technical staff members with years of experience in commissioning energy & utilities management solutions a wide range of industry verticals. The Viridis team is comprised of PhD-level researchers and engineers with extensive experience in their respective fields. The Viridis operations team works globally to commission projects directly, or to assist our network of partners in their own implementation projects. Viridis solutions are the state of the art in both technology and management practices. Viridis enforces a continuous innovation policy, in which solutions are constantly improved to provide clients with consistently increasing value and a sustainable competitive advantage.

Viridis' Diagramming Needs
Viridis is a complete energy management solution developed exclusively for companies that are heavy energy consumers, including sophisticated engineering and artifical intelligence tools to facilitate control over processes in real time. Additionally, Viridis includes advanced management models, making the shop floor perspective visible to corporate management.
When asked how the Viridis team uses GoJS, Bruno Pimentel, head of Product Management, said: "We use GoJS to render meter grids, allowing the user to visualize typical industrial resource grids (e.g. electrical energy, combustion gases, hydraulic networks), and analyze key aspects such as measurement issues and leaks, among others. Also, GoJS is used to create tracing diagrams, which allow the user to better visualize the relationship between measurements, performance indicators and financial indicators related to energy and utilities management."

Viridis' Experience Using GoJS
As the Viridis team weighed their options for a diagramming solution, according to Bruno, they came to the following conclusions: "The alternative to GoJS was to develop our own dynamic diagram component, which would make achieving our go-to-market targets much more challenging. GoJS was our first choice."
The integration process went smoothly as well: "Integrating GoJS to our product was relatively straightforward, especially comparing to our experience integrating other graphical components to web applications. GoJS API and available documentation helped us to integrate it in a relatively straightforward manner. Improvements in performance have provided additional value to user experience. GoJS was the best fit to our needs at the time, especially considering how it enabled us to render complex diagrams in a variety of application contexts."
When asked the biggest reason the Viridis team would recommend GoJS to another company, Bruno replied that "GoJS provides good user experience, and a large variety of diagrams to fit the needs of visualization and analytics applications."