These are companies or individuals that have expressed an interest in consulting projects with GoJS, GoXam, or GoDiagram.

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Company Location Contact (Email) Phone Experience
Synergy Codes Wroclaw, Poland Maciej Teska +48-669-828-171 Front-end: GoJS, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS 3, ReactJS, AngularJS, Bootstrap, JQuery Back-end: Node.JS, .NET: ASP .NET MVC, WPF, WCF, Entity Framework, Web Services Services: Microsoft Azure, MS SQL Server Third-Party Tools: DevExpress for MVC, Kendo UI

Synergy Codes is the Polish leader in creating web applications using data visualization tools on an HTML5 canvas. We help our clients by creating customized solutions based on the GoJS library. We write algorithms tailored to the specific benefits our customers want to reap from their data sets. We don't just help empower your data, we optimize your business.

We do:

  • Data and information flows
  • Organizational charts
  • Floor planning
  • BPMN and process visualization
  • Flowcharts and JavaScript diagrams

  • Do you need something else? Contact us and tell us about your idea!

    Create your custom integration from scratch and reap the benefits.
  • Improve IT processes to save time and money
  • Utilize logical or physical diagrams
  • Monitor data in real time for fast returns
  • Run your business to its full potential

  • Scaled to your business
    Enterprises can engineer data mass into complex or straight-forward models to improve both physical and logical processes. Whether you need assistance in making a hire or assessing communication flow around the company, or controlling processes like ordering and shipping, you can easily create a diagram that makes it all easy.

    Synergy Codes delivers web applications and cloud solutions to businesses of all sizes.

    Our web application development platforms offer app development using front-end technologies like JavaScript, TypeScript, Bootstrap, Node, React, and others.

    We are experts in Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services which make hosting platforms more responsive to our clients' needs.

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    Vishwak Solutions Pvt Ltd Seattle, WA Taran Radia 425-818-0291 .NET
    Part Time Consultant Cambridge, MA Miguel Chavez 617-492-5108 .NET
    MRI Systems Atlanta, GA Michael Ingardia 770-819-7709 Java
    Acarin Inc. Ellicott City, MD Contact 301-890-2616 .NET
    ApexVis Reno, NV
    Arlington, VA
    Greg Jennings 775-453-6566 GoDiagram
    VCS Software London, UK Tim Davey +44-143-884-0684 .NET
    Tangible Engineering GmbH Stuttgart, Germany Tim Fischer +49-700-8264-4253 .NET
    NeoGeo New Media GmbH Elmshorn, Germany Marc Höppner +49-412-180-250 .NET
    Barloworld Johannesburg, South Africa Francois Viljoen +27-823-317-213 .NET
    Propensity International Sydney, Australia Paul Davidson +61-(2)-9467-4000 .NET