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Interactive Diagrams for the Web

GoJS is a JavaScript library for implementing interactive diagrams, such as flowcharts, organizational hierarchies, trees and other complex displays. Use GoJS to construct graphical drawings of user-modifiable Nodes, Links, and Groups with customizable templates and layouts.

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Diagrams for .NET Winforms

Create powerful diagrams in Windows Forms with our GoDiagram .NET library. Built from the ground up in C# with a large array of features and layouts, GoDiagram is a complete solution for all your .NET graph drawing needs.

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GoXam features WPF controls for complex diagramming needs. GoXam enables developers to create interactive diagrams with a combination of C# and XAML quickly and efficiently.

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Northwoods Software

For 20 years we have been equipping developers with powerful frameworks to create a diverse set of diagrams quickly and easily. Our expertise lends to careful library design that will save your projects valuable development time.

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We know that good software is built on communication and support. At Northwoods we pride ourselves on developer-to-developer support, and we offer free support during trials to get your project started right away.

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Valued Across the Globe

Northwoods Software customers include a quarter of the Fortune 100 and innovative companies worldwide.
The extensive framework provided by GoJS surpasses anything we've been able to find. It's quite simple to quickly set up a new diagram. We found even more uses for GoJS within the same project than we'd originally planned due to the features available.
Troy Levissianos
Optika Solutions
We selected GoDiagram by Northwoods because of the tight API and clean user interface elements that it offered. The productivity offered by GoDiagram has allowed us to build the graphical elements of our workflow/decision engine software quickly and focus on other areas of the application. We are most pleased with this software library.
Carl Hewitt
Transparent Logic / Symantec
GoXam did a great job providing an ultimate diagramming tool for aircraft safety engineers. With full support of WPF+MVVM with convenient data binding to model, quick and reliable operation with large diagrams, and different item templates, GoXam was the clear leader.
Alexander Dubinsky
ALD Ltd.