GoDiagram for WinForms

Advanced Controls for .NET Diagrams

Version 6.1 supports both .NET Framework and .NET Core.

Packed with Diagramming Concepts

GoDiagram makes it easy to build applications where users can see and manipulate graphs of nodes connected by links.

From simple diagrams to interactive workflows and complex system monitors, GoDiagram helps you quickly create rich displays for your diagramming needs.

GoDiagram Features


Built-in and Customizable

GoDiagram contains several built-in node types and full sample applications to get your project started quickly. GoDiagram is built from the ground up in C# and is designed to be extensible for your custom needs.

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Learn by example with our powerful samples. GoDiagram samples include many common diagrams that function as proofs-of-concept and starting points for your project.

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Thorough Documentation

From user guides to a comprehensive API, our developer-written documentation for will improve your team's productivity.

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Instruments with GoDiagram

GoDiagram comes with an Instrument library to help display numeric values in a graphical way as a part of your GoDiagram applications. GoDiagram comes with an InstrumentDemo to get you started quickly with Instruments.

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GoDiagram API

GoDiagram's detailed API is complete and full of code examples.

GoDiagram Win .NET API

Diagram Components for .NET Framework and .NET Core 3.1

VS Partner GoDiagram provides diagramming components for .NET WinForms, and has been designed to take advantage of the many new features that Microsoft .NET provides. As a member of the Visual Studio Partner (VSP) Program, we work closely with Microsoft to ensure that our .NET products integrate seamlessly into Visual Studio.

For web development consider our newer product, GoJS for HTML5 Canvas. GoDiagram for WebForms is still available for existing customers.

Unmatched Customer Service

In addition to providing samples and comprehensive guides for GoDiagram .NET Windows, we also provide documentation and developer-to-developer support from the engineers who built the GoDiagram library. We offer a free evaluation of the full library with no time limit, although unlicensed libraries come with a watermark.

Source code for GoDiagram is available. Technical support and library updates for 1 year are included in most purchases.

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