GoJS for HTML5/Canvas

A pure JavaScript library for creating interactive diagrams on the Web

Interactive Samples Free Trial

GoJS makes it easy to construct interactive diagrams of Nodes, Links, and Groups, with customizable templates and layouts.

  • Fully Interactive Diagrams
  • Extensible Layouts and Tool System
  • Data-Binding and Models
  • Transactional State and Undo-Management
  • Mobile Support
  • Supports Major Frameworks e.g. React, Angular

Data Binding & Templates


GoJS supports graphical templates and data-binding of object properties to model data. Only the model, consisting of simple JavaScript objects, needs to be saved and restored. GoJS makes it easy to read and write models in JSON format.

Thorough Documentation


We provide comprehensive API documentation and in-depth overviews of GoJS concepts, with interactive examples. With over 90 samples, you'll find numerous examples of GoJS properties and methods.

Lightning Fast Diagramming in the Browser

GoJS takes advantage of the HTML Canvas to support high-performance diagrams. For creating static documents and printable resources, GoJS supports exporting Diagrams to images and SVG.

GoJS supports all modern browsers (IE9+), including mobile browsers.


Unmatched Customer Service

In addition to providing samples and tutorials, we also provide basic documentation and videos, thorough API documentation, and developer-to-developer support from the engineers who built the GoJS library. We offer a free evaluation of the full library with no time limit, although unlicensed libraries come with a watermark.

GoJS has no runtime royalties. Source code is available. Technical support and library updates for 1 year are included in most purchases.

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