Customer Testimonials and Screenshots

Ricardo Guimaraes
GoJS optimized my efforts to quickly launch a BPMN product with high quality and modern diagrams fitting all requirements I needed and saving a lot of time. First, the website has a wide range sample library where I was able to find out how to implement many features that my product needed. Furthermore, the API is easy and it takes away all of the canvas drawing complexities, and the documentation is complete and organized.
In about 8 months, we reached 12,000 users with a lot of positive feedback. Everyone loves the result. Additionally, the GoJS Support team is very efficient, extremely fast and qualified.
To sum it up, the library is complete, intuitive, fast, and easy to learn; I'm impressed with the support team and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a modern web drawing tool. Come to HEFLO, create your free account and check out the awesome results of GoJS diagrams.
Carl Nitzsche
Business Modelling Associates
We are still early in our development cycle, but our initial response is that GoJS is an incredibly comprehensive control. We feel we are only scratching its surface, but have also not come across any area where we've thought "It would be nice if it would..." i.e. any functionality we've required is already available in GoJS. After only a month into our development, I believe we're already more an 6 months ahead of where we'd be without GoJS.
Alex Apostolou
Meercat Pty Ltd
We have been extremely impressed with GoJS. As a library, it's logical, well thought-out, expansive, and written in a way that allows almost unlimited opportunities. When we took it on, we didn't know how much eye candy it could support without performance strain, but these guys know their stuff and our users love to use it.
Support, too, when we have needed it, has been first rate. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend GoJS to anyone looking to do graph visualization and interaction in a browser.
It's helped make our risk management and visualization application, RiskView, world-class.
Phil Bell
With support for Silverlight being dropped from all major browsers and the lack of support for Silverlight on mobile devices, we were receiving more and more complaints from unhappy customers asking why they were unable to use our Advanced Services Platform design tool in their preferred browser and device.
We needed our application to run on any platform, browser, or device, which meant that we had to drop Silverlight and rewrite our application in HTML5. Coming from a C# .NET background with very little JavaScript experience, it was surprisingly easy to get to grips with the GoJS programming model and I quickly had a working prototype with the same look and feel of our Silverlight application.
I have been super impressed with the excellent support team, who are very quick to respond and are always willing to help. Our customers are now able to use the design tool in any browser and on any device. Great company, excellent support, superb product. Would highly recommend.
Patric Edwards
We have been making use of the Northwoods' GoDiagram software for the last 12 years as base software to develop our world class MetaBuilder Enterprise Architecture Management tool. Compared to our previous development efforts, the GoDiagram software expedited the development efforts significantly given its rich library of re-usable objects. As a result, the opportunities that we have for enhancing the modelling features and algorithms embedded in our MetaBuilder software are endless. We are looking forward to capitalising on the objects released as part of the latest version of GoDiagram.
Justin Spaey
We originally started out using GoXam in one of our Silverlight applications. We've used it with great success over the last 5 years. Unfortunately, the major browsers are going to drop support for Silverlight, which meant that we had to investigate how to migrate out of existing Silverlight applications into HTML5.
We investigated a number of Javascript-based diagramming components and we found GoJS to be the most feature-rich with a natural programming model. The documentation, samples and support are great, too!

Simon, I truly enjoy working with GoJS, and your team provides the best product support I have seen in 20 years!
Ertan Teke
We use GoJS to design business process models. Thanks to GoJS' automatic layout feature, our users no longer need to have graphical design skills or countless hours to spend in order to make their projects beautiful and easy to understand. Also, with superb API design, we have embedded GoJS into our application surprisingly quickly. Now, we are planning to use GoJS in other design interfaces, such as database schema editors.

Hendry Talib
Ditium Technologies
GoJS is a rich workflow product that has given us a lot of options to design workflow, as well as saving time, rather than developing from scratch for similar functionality. We can't wait to implement the newer version of GoJS.
Troy Levissianos
Optika Solutions
The extensive framework provided by GoJS surpasses anything we've been able to find. It's quite simple to quickly set up a new diagram. We found even more uses for GoJS within the same project than we'd originally planned due to the features available.
Carl Hewitt
Transparent Logic / Symantec
We selected GoDiagram by Northwoods because of the tight API and clean user interface elements that it offered. The productivity offered by GoDiagram has allowed us to build the graphical elements of our workflow/decision engine software quickly and focus on other areas of the application. We are most pleased with this software library.
Alexander Dubinsky
ALD Ltd.
GoXam did a great job providing an ultimate diagramming tool for aircraft safety engineers. With full support of WPF+MVVM with convenient data binding to model, quick and reliable operation with large diagrams, and different item templates, GoXam was the clear leader.
Steve Brown
Business Optix
Great product. Great service. Great price. We continue to recommend this product to our peers.
We chose GoDiagram because it offered features and performance that was well ahead of its competitors. Basically, it was a product that responded to the needs of our designers.
Premnath Gopinath
GoDiagram cut my development time in half. The documentation was excellent and the product easy to use.
Dan Haught
While designing Sentinel TMS, our threat network analysis software system, we realized that we needed a high-performance graph drawing component. After reviewing several available solutions, we settled on GoDiagram. Its combination of performance and flexibility allows us to deliver cutting edge visualization software to our customers in both Windows and web-based platforms. Highly recommended.
Jörn Zietz
ifu eSankey
We chose Northwoods GoDiagram because it is the diagram framework which perfectly fit our needs of flexibility and high performance. Every feature that we wanted to implement we could either configure by setting properties or by deriving our own classes from GoDiagram classes.
In addition to this flexibility and clear and orthogonal class design, GoDiagram is the framework with the highest performance.
And last but not least everytime we needed support Northwoods support team does a great job with very fast and helpful responses.
Steve Ring
C&R Technologies
C&R Technologies Sinaps allows the user to work with a SINDA/FLUINT model visually, reducing the learning curve and speeding the model building process. GoDiagram has provided a comprehensive way for us to provide this capability. GoDiagram allows the user to quickly create and see his network. GoDiagram also allows us to display analysis results in a meaningful way and create specialized nodes to help display results.