GoJS Team License (for up to 3 developers)

The GoJS Team License permits a project team of up to three developers to build applications using the GoJS Diagramming Library.

A variety of add-ons is listed below in order to best meet your requirements. If you have any questions, please contact sales.

Additionally, if you would like to access the source code, please contact sales. Note: access to the source code is subject to Northwoods approval.

This purchase is governed by our Standard License agreement and the specific options you choose on your order.

Please contact sales for a custom quote if our standard terms do not meet your needs.

GoJS Diagram Library
The GoJS JavaScript Library is delivered in both JavaScript and TypeScript formats.
GoJS Diagramming Library
Distribution Rights Options
With the default selection, you can distribute your application for three years. No royalties. You can also purchase perpetual distribution rights.
Three Year Distribution Rights
Perpetual Distribution Rights [Add $2,995.00]
Hosting Rights Options
The default selection allows for hosting on a single domain. If you require hosting on unlimited domains, select that option below.
Single Domain
Unlimited Domains [Add $3,995.00]
Number of Licensed Applications Options
The default selection allows you to build one application with GoJS. If you require use for up to 5 applications, select that option below.
One Application
Up to 5 applications [Add $3,995.00]
Support and Updates Options
A one year subscription for support and new versions is included at no additional cost. An option to add an additional 2 years is available (at initial purchase) for half price.
One Year of Support and Updates (included with purchase)
Three years of Support and Updates [Add $2,870.00]
Number of Developers
A Team license permits usage by up to 3 developers
Up to 3 developers
Customized Price: $6,990.00
  • GoJS Diagramming Library
  • Three Year Distribution Rights
  • Single Domain
  • One Application
  • One Year of Support and Updates (included with purchase)
  • Up to 3 developers