Video Tutorials

New to GoJS? Start here!

This is a basic, 12-minute overview in which you will learn to build a simple Diagram. You'll get a feel for the capabilities and functions of GoJS.

Tutorial #1: What's in a GoJS Application?

In this video, you'll learn about the fundamental building blocks of GoJS and how they all work together to build an application.

Tutorial #2: Building Parts: Parts and Panels

Examine the Part, Panel, and GraphObject subclasses, and see how they work together to make customizable Nodes and Links.

Tutorial #3: The GoJS Diagram Model

We'll explore how GoJS Diagram Models are used to store simple data that is visualized by the Diagram as Nodes, Links, and Groups.

Tutorial #4: Building Parts: Templates

Learn how to specify templates to style Nodes, Links, and Groups in several different ways.

Tutorial #5: GoJS GraphObject Properties

This video demonstrates some of the most common GoJS GraphObject properties, used to define various appearance and behavior specifications for Diagram components.

Tutorial #6: Exploring a GoJS App in Real-time

See how you can interact with an application that uses GoJS live in the console of your browser's toolkit.