Why Choose Northwoods?

A Long History

We've been creating diagram components for over 20 years, over many platforms, and reap the benefits of redesigning a library from scratch for each new platform while taking into account our accumulated experience.

The original code base was written for C++. As the underlying operating system platform evolved, Northwoods subsequently produced graphical editing libraries for Java (JGo), C#/.NET (GoDiagram), and C#/WPF (GoXam). Our latest diagramming library is for JavaScript/HTML5 Canvas (GoJS).

I have been super impressed with the excellent support team, who are very quick to respond and are always willing to help. Our customers are now able to use the design tool in any browser and on any device. Great company, excellent support, superb product. Would highly recommend. - Phil Bell, KCOM

Trusted Engineering Excellence

We started building diagramming libraries before all of our competitors, most of which have either gone out of business or stopped development. That holds true for open source projects as well; the principal(s) move on to other projects. Sometimes, newcomers try to continue the project, but that rarely works out in the long run. Interactive diagramming libraries are too much of a niche to have a large enough programmer base from which to find good contributors, yet the work is complex and demanding enough to require dedicated experience and skills.

Many open source projects offer no support. Those that do offer support charge extra for it. The prices are such that there is no price advantage in being open source. Source code is available, so that is not an advantage for open source either. You are investing in a quality product backed by over 100 combined years of software engineering experience.

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Responsive Support

We pride ourselves on developer-to-developer support. We don't charge per support ticket or support hour. Most questions are answered and resolved within a day by the engineers who build our products.

Your team provides the best product support I have seen in 20 years! - Scott, Decision Sciences

Hundreds of Sample Applications

We think documentation is important, so we have a lot of it, including hundreds of sample apps demonstrating different kinds of solutions. We have hundreds more that we haven't published yet, but are happy to give to customers who need yet more examples for their particular needs.

See GoJS Samples

Notable Customers

Over the years, companies ranging from startups to Fortune 100s have relied on our diagramming libraries. We know that good support will keep customers loyal for years, and many companies have followed us through multiple platforms, among them HP, Samsung, AspenTech, Verizon, Fidelity Investments, and more.

See our varied customer list, read what they have to say about us, and check out customer case studies.

Exceptional Value for Every Budget

We offer several pricing options to meet the needs of any company from small startups to major corporations with our Individual, Team, and Group licenses. All licenses are per developer without any run-time royalties. Contact sales to learn more about our flexible, fixed-fee licensing options to accommodate your needs and budget.

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